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RocketMassHeater.ca - RocketMassHeater.ca - Super Efficient Masonry Heaters
  • Custom Built Masonry Heaters

  • Rocket Refractory Cores

    Using a Shippable Core for your rocket mass heater makes construction faster, easier, and your heater's performance...
  • Wood Cook Stoves

    Clean burning wood fired Masonry Cook Stoves provide cooking, baking and heating all in one package. Ceramic or Cast Iron cooking surface. Doors for the Firebox, Bake Oven and Ash Box made from high quality Cast Iron. Hand-Built Masonry Fire Brick core construction, standard and custom sizes available.
  • June 2015 Workshop

    Learn how to make your own high efficiency wood heating device for your own home!A Rocket Mass Heater (RMH) is a super-efficient wood-fired heating system composed of two parts: Part One is a rocket stove, consisting of a feed tube, burn tunnel and heat riser; Part Two is the mass chimney, through which hot exhaust gases from the rocket stove are ducted into a thermal heat storage made of masonry materials like cob, stone, urbanite or brick. All of the heat that goes up the chimney with a conventional wood stove is saved and stored in a Rocket Mass Heater. The heated up Mass can radiate heat for up to 48hrs or longer after the fire is out. A RMH can also incorporate a cooking surface and an oven, and can be finished to become a beautiful centrepiece in a home. Read More
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  • Rocket Mass Heater

    The Rocket Mass Heater utilizes a J-Tube combustion core to burn wood super efficiently; essentially a complete combustion, virtually smoke free.  The name Rocket comes from the Rockety sound you can hear by listening closely to the combustion of the wood within the feed tube of the burn tunnel.  The feed tube loads firewood vertically, wood gases com-bust sending flames sideways along the burn tunnel pathway to the vertical heat riser.  The highly insulated heat riser, made of firebricks or refractory board sends the flames and hot gases hurdling upwards towards the top of the steel barrel; in short describing the J-Tube Rocket Stove Combustion process.  The steel barrel radiates immediate convective heat and provides a cooking top surface. Similar to the inner workings of a Masonry Heater, and dissimilar to the venting of a wood-stove, the exhaust flow of hot combustion gases before exiting the chimney are routed through channels of masonry thermal mass to capture, store and radiate heat over time.  The wood combustion gases cool and sink after radiating away from the steel barrel, these gases then enter into a series of connected steel stove pipe(up to 40feet) encased within a large thermal mass heat storage battery.  Thermodynamics pulls heat from the exhaust pipe run into the lower temperature thermal mass encasement(heated bench) and transfers heat into the ambient room air temperature over time.  The Rocket Mass Heater is most commonly establishing the form of a heated bench or bed made of earthen masonry or cob(sand + clay).  The Rocket Mass Heater uses 50 to 90% less wood than a conventional wood burning stove, its Super Efficient! How can this be when new wood stoves are very efficient compared to older ones, simply, the Rocket Mass Heater is using much less wood to heat the same amount of space by capturing the heat from the exhaust that would otherwise be lost heating the great outdoors.  The slow release of stored radiant heat can last for 12-24hrs without the stove needing to be re-lit.

    The Rocket Masonry Heater is a Rocket Mass Heater without the Steel Barrel, similar in appearance and construction to a Masonry Heater. A unique new ground braking method of utilizing clay chimney flue liners to replace the barrel and cob work.  The Rocket Masonry Heater is powered with a 4, 6, or 8 Inch Hand-Built or Cast-Refractory Rocket Combustion Core, enabling heat storage for small to large square footage.  Like Masonry Heaters and traditional Rocket Mass Heater benches encased in cob, the clay chimney flue liners can be configured in vertically(high to the ceiling) and horizontally(low to the ground, bench) integrated thermal mass heat storage applications.  The exterior of the clay liners are finished in ceramic tile or stone to match any interior decor.  Bake Oven and Water Heating additions are easily installed into the clay flue liners; versatile, affordable, resilient!

    The Shippable Core.  A manufactured Cast-Refractory Grade Rocket Combustion Core;  A three piece kit comprised of a burn tunnel, heat riser and steel feed tube.  Easy to assemble and install, the kit saves hours and even days of work compared to building by hand, providing performance assurance.  The curved burn tunnel, trip wire, air intake and high Alumina content of the Cast-Refractory Rocket Combustion Core produce a higher temperature, thus more efficient and cleaner burning than hand-built combustion cores of firebrick.

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Rocket Mass Heaters ~ Third Edition~

Download PDF for $18.00

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Rocket Mass Heaters The Third Edition is ready for your reading and stoving pleasure!Celebrating its tenth anniversary, this book is about bringing comfort home to the bench or bed you sit or lie down on. Ecological Designer Ianto Evans, a visionary in Natural Building and an expert in improved wood burning stoves, who has been heating his home with a Rocket Mass Heater for over 25 years will inspire you to make one of your own. With clear and clever drawings and anecdotes, this update of the book contains: philosophy of wood burning and home heating experiments you can do to learn efficient wood burning instructions for building a Rocket Mass Heater yourself improved construction instructions based on reader feedback and experimentation expanded Safety chapter, contributed by Art Ludwig full-color Case Studies by: Ernie and Erica Wisner, Kirk "Donkey" Mobert, Kiko Denzer, Peter van den Berg, Lasse Holmes, Bernhard Masterson, Max and Eva Edleson, & Art Ludwig. Good luck with your stove!


Paul Wheatons: Wood Burning Stoves 2.0

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Are you tired of over consuming fire wood or paying too much on your energy bills during winter ?Do you want to stop polluting the planet with inefficient wood stoves ?Great ! You will learn it all and more in these 4 DVDS ! From the basics of fire science to advance water heating systems.The centerpiece in this series is the rocket mass heater. Possibly the cleanest and most sustainable way to heat a conventional home.This started off as an advanced rocket mass heater workshop which quickly sold out. People asked for it to be videoed. So Paul Wheaton, "duke of permaculture", took his video camera and here they are : 4 DVDS !To make things clear, it's not an Hollywood mega production but key moments of the workshop that will give you invaluable knowledge to tackle your own projects.DVD 1 is "Fire Science", Ernie and Erica Wisner set stuff on fire in all sorts of wacky ways. This is the foundation for understanding how rocket stoves and rocket mass heaters work.DVD 2 is "Sneaky Heat". The "rocket" built in this DVD is the result of many experiments, making it one order of magnitude better than any previous one. We used a portable design, something that can be taken apart in under an hour, loaded onto a truck, moved and rebuilt in under an hour.DVD 3 is "Boom Squish", named after the dangers of alternative hot water. Caleb Larson and Ernie work together to talk about how to do this right. Caleb is a professional hot water installer and is very familiar with the explosive properties of steam, flash point and vapor lock.DVD 4 is "Hot Rocket", where we prove that few twigs can outperform a propane turkey cooker with a J-tube style rocket stove that is self feeding. This DVD will also have information on home made cook stoves, and several different pocket rocket designs.Become an EXPERT in rocket stoves , click the 'buy now' button NOW !

image Super Efficient. Complete Combustion. Heated Couch

Bonny Convection Bench

Download Plan for $35.00

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Bonny Convection Bench: Rocket Mass Heater, 8 inch ducting, with air channels over hardwood floor. This large system heats a 3-story, multi-family house in redwood country. The seating bench is earthen masonry, with a vented redwood back. Built-in air channels protect the existing hardwood floor, and provide warm air to the rest of the house. Also available on DVDPDF, 23 MB, prints 11x17. $35.